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Poul Henningsen

PH Dining Table

PH Dining Table

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Designed in 1937, the PH Dining Table was created with versatility in mind. The carefully angled chromed steel legs of the PH Dining Table give optimal room for movement of those seated and the optional extension leaf provides maximum flexibility of seating arrangements. Available in three sizes. Individually numbered.

The table’s distinctive look makes it easy to use anywhere: at home, in the office or in the meeting room. The genius of Poul Henningsen’s dining table with supplementary plates is in the light plates’ pull-out system and they can be used separately. When not in use, they can hang vertically under the worktop, without removing space for legs and feet. Of course, they can also be removed and stored away. When both pull-out plates hang under the round table top, the two swing legs add additional character to the light and distinctive design of the table.

Whether you are having a dinner for family or friends, Poul Henningsen’s Dining Table creates the perfect setting for a comfortable experience. The position of the table legs makes it easy for everyone to sit around the table without annoying table legs. That’s why it fits so well into the meeting room.

The dining table comes with the exclusive chromed steel tube legs and with a wide range of countertops: Laminate, natural oak and black oak. The tabletop comes in three different sizes or in the version with the ingenious pull-out system.
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