About Us

Breaking Free from Expectation

We are a young Danish brand, presenting some of the most intriguing furniture, pianos, and audio designs from Scandinavia, from past, present and future. We aim to improve one’s daily life with functional pieces that are also works of art.

ToneArt is rooted in the rich legacy of our design heritage in Scandinavia, starting with our exclusive license to produce and market all of Poul Henningsen’s incredible piano and furniture designs, created from the 1920s to 1950s.

Inspired by Poul Henningsen and the principles he stood for, all of the designs in our house start with the function of the piece. Each design must distill down to what is essential in the piece. Then, being inspired by the beauty of materials, its form is reimagined for the demands of today and dreams of tomorrow.

Our design house ToneArt, which also does business as PH Furniture and PH Pianos, is guided by our curiosity and love of learning. We work with some of the most intriguing designs ever made with the unexpected curves and materials of Poul Henningsen’s collections.

We also work with modern Scandinavian and international designers that break free from expectations, developing their new collections for production. Our criteria: each product should allow users to re-examine and re-imagine the status quo, and to renew the sense of wonder that comes with seeing something for the very first time.