New large book work about Poul Henningsen's furniture and musical instruments

March, 31st 2020

The world-renowned Danish multi-artist and designer, Poul Henningsen, designed many furniture, pianos and grand pianos. For the first time ever it is now documented with a large work of 336 pages, which in text and beautiful images reviews the many exciting designs and art pieces.

The book has been titled "PH Furniture & Pianos – The Revival of Poul Henningsen Design Classics".

PH began by designing wooden and steel pipe furniture more than a hundred years ago, back in 1919 and continued until the mid-1950s. At the same time, he designed a number of iconic and futuristic pianos and pianos in the 1930s.

PH never started an actual production of the furniture because the unique pieces of art were so difficult to manufacture with the production technology of the time. There are therefore no or only few of the old PH furniture, but a single version of both the world-renowned PH Snake Stoop and the PH Hosech Chair as well as a PH Grand Piano are currently on display at the permanent exhibition at Designmuseum Denmark.

Today, a greater number of PH's furniture as well as pianos and grand pianos are brought to life by the combination of modern production technologies and the best craft traditions in factories in Denmark, Latvia, Germany and Switzerland. Ph Mirror from 1939, which lamp manufacturer Louis Poulsen has previously produced, has also been put into production in Denmark by PH Furniture.

To mark this, the company behind the new productions has chosen to publish a book. The book contains a very extensive collection of images of the new PH products along with a wide range of tales about PH's many pieces of art and the new creation.

Søren V. Svendsen, founder and CEO of the company, said: "Poul Henningsen is much different from the iconic PH Lamps, and for the first time it is now documented with a comprehensive work on the many furniture and musical instruments that PH designed over several decades. At the same time, we talk about the journey we have been on to bring PH's unique designs and art pieces into the 21st century. 21st century".

The book can be acquired from PH Furniture and PH Pianos in the store at Bredgade in Copenhagen or online.


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