PH Pianos by Poul Henningsen


Pianos designed by Poul Henningsen (PH)

ToneArt / PH Pianos is the mother company of ToneArt Interior / PH Furniture.

PH Pianos hold the exclusive and worldwide license to produce, market and distribute all pianos designed by Poul Henningsen. All PH Pianos were designed in the 1930s, starting with the masterpiece and iconic PH Grand Piano in 1930, the futuristic PH Pianette in 1935, the extremely beautiful and elegant PH Bow Grand Piano in 1937 and finally the PH Upright that Poul Henningsen designed in 1939.




The full collection from Poul Henningsen

The full collection of both PH Pianos & PH Furniture is being displayed at our large showroom in the heart of Copenhagen. We are the only place in the world where all the Danish / Scandinavian design icons by Poul Henningsen are being brought together.


We have the biggest experience as well as expertise in customisation of PH Pianos to suit any interior settings, hotels, restaurans, private homes, apartments, etc. and we can assist you to personalise the design of any of our bespoke PH Piano models.



Your lifelong investment

Purchase of a PH Piano is always to be considered a lifelong investment that yields daily beauty and joy to any setting. Consequently, all pianos delivered by PH Pianos are complete with a certificate of authenticity.

We manage shipping and installation of PH Pianos worldwide.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions, inquiries and offers for PH Pianos. For much more information about our collection of PH Pianos please go to our website: