All offers from ToneArt Interior ApS are an invitation to place an order and are therefore not binding on ToneArt Interior ApS, unless otherwise expressly stated. A binding offer from ToneArt Interior ApS will lapse if buyer's acceptance has not come to light within 3 months. All offers are subject to intermediate sales.

Buyer's order/orders are binding on ToneArt Interior ApS only when ToneArt Interior ApS has submitted written or electronic order confirmation to buyer.


Delivery is made ex works (ex-works) as referred to in Article 1(1) of Regulation (EC) No 1254 incoterm's 2010.

Delivery is considered to have taken place when the products are made available to buyer ready for loading on the means chosen by Buyer. If ToneArt Interior ApS is to arrange freight on behalf of the Buyer, this will be done at buyer's expense and the price specified under point 3 is subject to a freight surcharge and a freight fee. Levering is going to curbs, unless otherwise agreed.


Delivery is made in accordance with the order confirmation, the Order Confirmation does not include any time of delivery as soon as possible. In the following cases, ToneArt Interior ApS may require the agreed delivery time to be deferred:

a) Upon buyer's change of order.

(b) In the case of delays in supplies or services which the buyer himself carries out or has carried out by third parties.

(c) At Force majeureUnds The Buyer after the time of delivery has occurred to receive or arrange for shipment of the delivery, ToneArt Interior ApS is entitled to store and insure the delivery at buyer's expense. If, despite the so requested, Buyer has not picked up the delivery, ToneArt Interior ApS, even in cases where the supply is specially made to the Buyer, is entitled to dispose of it in the best possible way at buyer's expense and to claim compensation for any loss thereof.


Customs duties, import fees, local taxes, etc. is not included. If such cases occur, these must be borne by the customer.


(a) Standard products:

Return of goods, including pick-up /delivery must be done by agreement with ToneArt Interior ApS. The following information must be provided ToyArt Interior ApS: Original order number, packing slip number, and invoice number.

Items can be returned within 30 days of delivery date and a return fee is calculated to cover ToneArt Interior ApS's handling of the return products of currently 25 %ToneArt Interior ApS creates return order and sends a return order confirmation, which is attached to the returnsRe tournament and credit is subject to the goods being purchased from ToneArt Interior ApS and in undamaged condition, in original packaging.

Goods that are damaged or in broken packaging are not credited unless it is possible to prepare the item for resale, for example. in the case of repackaging technical testing, e.g. costs included therefor are deducted from the crediting of the goods.

b) Non-standard items Non standard products as defined above cannot be returned.

(c) Spare parts cannot be returned.