The PH Pope Chair in undyed natural leather designed by Poul Henningsen

The PH Pope Chair – The Religion of Good Seating

As with many of Poul Henningsen’s furniture and lighting designs, the PH Pope Chair features a shape that is inspired by nature. The legs of Poul Henningsen’s PH Pope Chair resemble the roots of a tree, anchoring it firmly the ground, giving a sense of strength that goes beyond the purely physical. The PH Pope Chair is supported so unobtrusively that the main body of the chair almost seems to be floating above the floor on which it is placed. Though the base of the PH Pope Chair is fine and delicate in appearance, it is just as stable as a traditional chair with four legs placed at the corners. The PH Pope Chair whispers it’s presence: quiet, strong and versatile, it is an statement piece that religiously provides a superior seating experience to the user in a multitude of different environments. 

The design of the PH Pope Chair prioritises the pleasure of sitting down as well as interiors style: this is a chair that provides discreet back support without giving the appearance of a traditional orthopaedic chair. The PH Pope Chair is proof that ergonomics and style can co-exist: it is both sleek and streamlined in appearance while remaining a chair of the highest practical function. Comfort blossoms in the PH Pope Chair: it is created to be in harmony with the human form, unobtrusively providing an opportunity for luxurious relaxation as well as presenting a visually stunning architectural appearance.

Poul Henningsen believed that furniture and everyday objects are of great importance, since they shape our experiences with the world around us and consequently affect our mindset, mood and ideas. Henningsen believed that rest and relaxation was as vital to quality of life as well-designed work spaces and lighting. PH designed a number of chairs in his lifetime, each of them intended specifically to resolve what PH considered to be a number of long-standing problems of furniture design in the traditional furniture found in Danish homes in the early and mid twentieth century. Henningsen aimed to evolve the concept of good furniture design by creating pieces of superior function and exquisite physical form.

Named after it’s resemblance to a traditional hat worn by the Pope, the PH Pope Chair is conducive to both sociable environments as well serving as a place to be alone with one’s thoughts. It is a perfect place to read, to think and to embrace the vulnerability of contemplation. The PH Pope Chair represents an item of furniture that can become an essential part of the very fabric of daily life in the homes which it graces: transcending from the status of simply being a supportive chair to something that represents familiar comfort, the daily ritual of relaxation and a reassuring presence in an ever-changing world.

The PH Pope Chair produced by PH Furniture is manufactured using carefully selected materials that reflect Poul Henningsen’s original design, realised for the environments of the 21st Century. Constructed of smooth chrome and without sharp angles or hard lines, the PH Pope Chair is available upholstered in warm fabric in the softest of greys or tactile leather in a selection of earthy shades reminiscent of those found in natural world itself.

Embodying a spirit of growth, renewal, regeneration and evolution, the PH Pope Chair is a timeless design. It is suited for use within the home or in a number of professional environments: place it in the entrance hall of the office as a stylish way to welcome guests, in the waiting room or in a meeting room. The PH Pope Chair also rests easily in the bar or the hotel lobby. Whether the PH Pope Chair is used for serious business or as a place from which to simply watch television, the PH Pope Chair absolutely has your back.

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