The PH Office Desk: A Place to call Home

The PH Office Desk: A Place to call Home

Desks mean different things to different people. For some, they are symbolic: they mean a place to work without distraction. Desks can mean more than that, however, a place of safety, comfort and familiarity, a place to return to after experiences away in an uncertain world. 

There is a reason why museums celebrating the lives of famous people often display their subject’s workspace. As a viewing audience, we are fascinated by the desk spaces of celebrated individuals, as it gives us an insight in to the mind of their owner. This demonstrates just how significant workspaces are to the outcome of ideas and creativity. A desk is not just a place to complete mundane task but also a place to generate ideas. Albert Einstein famously owned an untidy desk, something he found fundamental to his thought processes. 

A desk is both a necessity and a luxury – an anchoring protector of ideas, physical and metaphorical. Whilst technological developments have allowed increasingly modern workspaces to become superficially mobile, such advances have not replaced the fundamental need to have a dedicated place to think, to write, to draw, to be creative, to study and to meet.

For these reasons, there will always be the need for most of us to have some sort of ‘desk’ for these purposes and as such Poul Henningsen’s desk design is just as relevant today as it was when it was created in the 1930s. Whether you keep your desk tidy or gloriously chaotic, the PH Office Desk will be your friend and confidante for life.

Whether you prefer to have a desk that is a monument to tidiness and order or something that appears a little more ‘lived in’, the Poul Henningsen (PH) designed PH Office Desk is ideal. Featuring six swing drawers and one sliding console drawer, there is ample room for the storage of papers, folders and other the accoutrements of working life, so it is possible to work without the distraction of clutter. 

Like all of Poul Henningsen’s furniture designs, PH’s Office Desk is designed to be viewed from all angles. On the opposite side of the desk to the drawers there are four useful shelves, perfect for storage or display. Formal in appearance, yet welcoming, PH Office Desk is highly suitable for use as a reception desk in commercial environments or in private homes: it is a symbol of style and a statement piece that encourages it’s user to inhabit the creative philosophies of the designer. 

The PH Office Desk is available in a variety of colors and finishes, to suit every kind of interior setting. In high gloss lacquer finish it is available in black or a bold combination of green and red. The panels of the swing drawers are finished in the most intricately detailed way, covered in the finest nappa leather. The PH Office Desk can also be finished in traditional wood: mahogany with solid edges or light oak with plywood edges, making a feature of the finest timbers and veneers used in its construction. Conforming to the Bauhaus design philosophies that inspired PH in the 1930s the PH Office Desk is not just elegant but also extremely functional.

Beautifully crafted in appearance yet practical in design, symbolic of order and stability but also ideas and creativity, the PH Office Desk will inspire and motivate all those who sit at it. Wherever it is placed, the ‘PH’ in Poul Henningsen’s Desk does not just stand for ‘Poul Henningsen’, but also a ‘Place to call Home’.

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