PH Mirror designed by Poul Henningsen

The PH Mirror – Visionary Design

The earliest ‘mirrors’ known to be used were actually pools of water, though of course they were not the most reliable source of reflection. Early engineering overcame the problem of relying on a puddle or lake to look at oneself, as the very first mirrors constructed of glass with a metal backing can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks, all of whom fashioned their own versions of ‘looking glasses’. While its fundamental construction has not changed since ancient times, the modern mirror has come to be regarded as one of life’s essentials and for this reason has evolved in to something that is considered worthy of ‘good design’. 

Ever the ‘problem solver’, motivated to make furniture and items for the home that bettered what had gone before, Poul Henningsen created the mirror of future back in the late 1930s and this piece can be considered part of his ‘Bauhaus inspired furniture’ also from the same decade. PH considered there was the possibility of improving the traditional metal backed ‘looking glass’, and so created a mirror that provided backlit illumination and a sense of luxury, as well as being a practical essential intended for use every day. The lighting within the PH Mirror provides a reflection that is free from shadows and glare.

PH’s wall mounted mirror design is intended to sit in harmony with the widest variety of interiors and provides a reflection of superior clarity. The PH Mirror is available in two sizes: regardless of whether a small unobtrusive mirror is required or something that creates a bold impact in an interior space, there is a PH Mirror that will complement the atmosphere of every setting. 

Every PH Mirror is individually numbered and is available with or without PH’s signature engraved on the front, so each mirror is as unique as the person who sees their reflection within it. PH’s Mirror is available in four colours, the same heritage PH colours of Red, Green, White and Yellow to co-ordinate with other PH lighting products and items within the PH Furniture Collection. The illuminated PH Mirror can be wired directly in to the existing lighting circuitry and is available to use with or without a pull-cord.

Functional, practical and beautiful, the PH Mirror embodies everything PH believed to be important about his creations for interiors: it is a harmony of geometric shape and fluid lines, illumination and vivid colour. The PH Mirror appears as contemporary in the 21st Century as it did when it was first created: it is simply visionary design.

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