PH Lounge Chair and PH Lounge Table designed by Poul Henningsen

The PH Lounge Chair – Complete Relaxation

For when the living is easy. As a believer in Bauhaus design ideology, Poul Henningsen was absolutely clear that the functional performance of his furniture was paramount to the design. Poul Henningsen made no apology for this and in recognition of the importance of leisure as something distinct from ‘working’ and ‘eating’, the PH Lounge Chair is all about complete relaxation. 

Poul Henningsen was well aware that the best ideas do not always happen at a desk and that allowing time for contemplation and creative thought in a situation that allowed the mind to flourish freely was as important as creating spaces conducive to the execution of ‘work’. While Poul Henningsen created the most beautiful of desks (the PH Office Desk) and multi-purpose work tables (the PH Board Tables) for the purposes of working, he realised the necessity of proper leisure time in order for work time to be effective: for that reason he created the PH Lounge Chair.

Poul Henningsen’s ergonomic design puts you at ease in your body, providing time for your mind’s contemplation and rest. In line with PH’s commitment to Bauhaus design philosophies that strip all that is not necessary from the realisation of product, The PH Lounge Chair is visually uncluttered, made from the most minimal of bent chromed steel tubing and covered in the most luxurious leather or fabric. As with many of Poul Henningsen’s chair designs, the frame of the Lounge Chair is constructed from just one piece of steel, ensuring that it is lightweight and free of as many joints as possible. Available in leather in four colours – mocca, walnut, black and indian red – and in fabric in black and light grey, there is the opportunity to create a version of the PH Lounge Chair that is truly your own.

The PH Lounge Chair is the perfect place to unwind after a long day and can be perfectly accessorised by a good book or good conversation. Recent scientific research echoes Poul Henningsen’s thoughts on the importance of rest. Studies have shown that the more effective we are at resting as humans, the more productive we are when working. Research has shown that ‘work’ and ‘rest’ are symbiotic processes working in unity with each other. By allowing ourselves to rest, we allow ourselves to appreciate the purpose of our work. We allow ourselves to regain lost energy, to restore ourselves physically and mentally. 

Poul Henningsen designed his Lounge Chair in 1932, but it is now available to purchase as the perfect accompaniment to the most modern of lives: you can buy online at, or try it out for yourself at our Showroom on Bredgade in Copenhagen, the only place in the world where all of PH’s furniture designs are showcased together. The PH Lounge Chair: It’s not just furniture – it’s a state of mind.

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