The Fine Art of Storage

The Poul Henningsen (PH)  designed PH Grand Chest and it’s smaller counterpart, the PH Small Drawer Chest were designed in the 20th Century, but it transpires that they provide perfect solutions for a very 21st Century problem: that of storage.

The PH Grand Chest and PH Small Drawer Chests are designed to be viewed and admired from all angles. While most chests of drawers are created with the view that they will be positioned against a wall, the PH Grand Chest and PH Small Drawer Chests can be placed in the centre of a room, since they are beautifully finished on all sides. Both are infinitely versatile for this reason: they do not just fulfil their functional need as receptacles for the holding of possessions, but are also created to be admired.

These small details make Poul Henningsen a name that is synonymous with timeless design that goes beyond the functional to become appreciated as a work of art. PH’s attention to aesthetics as well as practical function mean that his furniture designs transcend utility to bring a sense of luxury to the everyday in the most diverse of interiors settings, from the traditional to the contemporary.

PH’s signature colours of red and green that he frequently chose for his furniture and lighting designs translate to the PH Small Drawer Chests: they can be supplied finished in red or green lambskin nappa leather to create bijou cabinets are literally jewel-like. These small but exquisitely formed cabinets are designed to be beautiful to touch as well as to look at, reminding us of emeralds and rubies. To suit more muted interior decor colour schemes, the PH Small Drawer Chests can also be ordered finished in black oak or mahogany. The PH Grand Chest of Drawers are available in mahogany, black oak and natural oak. Both the PH Small Drawer Chests and PH Grand Chest of Drawers feature solid wood drawers of light ash.

Both the PH Grand Chest and the PH Small Drawer Chest sit comfortably in many environments: as bedroom furniture or in living spaces. The PH Grand Chest and Small Drawer Chests fit perfectly with the modern zeitgeist that increasingly eschews the concept of buying inexpensive but disposable items that are designed to be ‘throwaway’. In a world where it makes environmental and financial sense to ‘buy less’ but ‘buy well’, the PH Grand Chest and PH Small Drawer Chests are design classics produced to the highest standards in order to be coveted for generations. They are perfectly placed to safety stow things for now or for ‘later’: not just investments in storage, the PH Grand Chest and PH Small Drawer Chest are investments in a more beautiful future.