PH Lounge Table designed by Poul Henningsen

PH Lounge Table: A Display of Design Excellence

The PH Lounge Table designed in 1932 by Poul Henningsen (PH) is the perfect addition to any lounge space where a table is required to gather around or for display. Taller than a low coffee table, the PH Lounge Table lends itself to a wide variety of settings, since it is the correct height to complement taller lounge chairs, such as the Poul Henningsen designed PH Pope Chair and PH Armchair. More formal than a coffee table but smaller than a dining table, the PH Lounge Table is the perfect table on which to place one’s reading book, magazines, newspapers, PH Lamp and other accoutrements of leisure. The PH Lounge Table can also be used as an impromptu bistro table, perfect for meetings over drinks – this is a table that is the ultimate in versatility.

The PH Lounge Table shares the same shaped legs as both the PH Pope Chair and PH Arm Chair, so the PH Lounge Table works in perfect union with these pieces to provide a matching set of Poul Henningsen designed furniture. The shape and placement of the legs allows for maximum useable space beneath the table for those sitting around it. The scythe shaped legs provide a deceptive level of stability – while they look unobtrusive and minimal, this is a table that can withstand the buffeting of day to day living. The elegant chromed finish of the legs of the PH Lounge Table work with most interior settings while the table top can be supplied in a variety of different wooden finishes.

The beauty of the PH Lounge Table is that is looks simply wonderful placed ‘centre-stage’ in the middle of an interiors setting or alternatively placed to the side of a room, where it’s quietly refined aesthetic blooms. Poul Henningsen was inspired to create functional furniture that is also visually stunning and the PH Lounge Table is a perfect example of this. The PH Lounge Table was inspired by nature – we can see the delicately shaped legs of this table are reminiscent of the roots of a tree and so when the shape is utilised in this way, we can observe that PH has designed a table that reminds us of the calming feeling of being somewhere beautiful outdoors.

Just like nature itself, the PH Lounge Table also has resilience and strength. The use of natural materials such as Oak for the finishing of the table top further strengthens the feeling of connectivity to the environment: the use of wood creates a surface that is unique in detail, tactile and warm. The PH Lounge Table is not just a table, but an example of design excellence that enhances contemporary living.

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