PH Grand Dressing Table designed by Poul Henningsen

PH Grand Dressing Table: Every day, Luxury

Designed in 1920 by Poul Henningsen (PH), the PH Grand Dressing Table is the larger relative of the PH Dressing Table, sharing all of the beautiful design features of its smaller counterpart – with the added advantage of extra storage space.

The PH Grand Dressing Table boasts five deep drawers, perfectly designed to hide all manner of personal effects, to ensure the bedroom or dressing room in which it is placed remains free of clutter.

Function and flexibility are at the forefront of many of Poul Henningsen’s creations, since Poul Henningsen believed that the performance of a product was fundamental to great design. The PH Grand Dressing Table is the ultimate in flexible furniture: when not in use the mirror can be folded down so the PH Grand Dressing Table becomes an elegant, sleek console table that can be used for display or as a beautiful writing desk.

Designed in the 1930s and just as relevant to contemporary living in the twenty-first century, the dressing table fulfils the timeless need for somewhere to sit and reflect, a personal space for calm and contemplation as well as a place to tend to one’s appearance. Although the twenty-first century lifestyle may have evolved since the nineteen- thirties, the human need to spend time engaged in this daily ritual remains unchanged. Indeed, if the most important relationship we have is the one we have with ourselves, then time spent on oneself at a dressing table is not self-indulgent but a rather a vital necessity. Sometimes, the most significant ideas or thoughts that cross our minds do not do so in the office or at the desk, but rather in the situations when one is most in touch with our deepest inner self.

Finished in Natural Oak, Black Oak or Mahogany, the PH Grand Dressing Table fits harmoniously with other items from the PH Furniture range. The brass legs are the same shape as the PH Stool, these two items complementing each other perfectly. The PH Stool is finished in the softest of lamb nappa leather and provides the ultimate in comfortable seating at the PH Grand Dressing Table. The PH Stool – in addition to the PH Grand Chest of Drawers and the PH Small Drawer Chest – can be supplied with brass legs or wooden legs, to create decorative cohesion within their setting. The delicate yet strong brass legs create the illusion of furniture that almost appears to float. The PH Grand Dressing Table is an investment in every day luxury that to it’s owners will quickly become regarded as an essential to good living.

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