Copenhagen Design House

Copenhagen Design House: The Home of Poul Henningsen designed PH Furniture and PH Pianos

Copenhagen has long been a popular destination for those interested in Scandinavian art and design, as well as the many other diverse attractions the capital city of Denmark has to offer.

Copenhagen Design House on Bredgade is located in the design epicentre of the city and is home to the showroom of PH Furniture and PH Pianos, where you can find the largest selection of Poul Henningsen designed furniture and pianos together in one place in the world. Here you will also find our staff, who have unrivalled knowledge about the design philosophy and manufacturing processes for all PH Furniture and PH Pianos products.  We have created a special atmosphere where art, functionality of furniture and music is brought together, just as Poul Henningsen had envisaged.

The PH Furniture Collection consists of sixteen pieces of furniture produced from Poul Henningsen’s original drawings, PH Furniture holds the exclusive world wide rights to manufacture these design pieces under licence from the Henningsen family. Here at our shop in the heart of Copenhagen visitors are welcome to experience for themselves the ergonomic comfort of PH’s chair designs, the innovative lines of the dining tables, practical yet beautiful storage solutions and examples of the variety of finishes that can be used to manufacture each individually-numbered furniture piece we produce. 

Our shop is also the best place to experience the design possibilities of the PH Grand Piano, Poul Henningsen’s iconic 1931 piano design. The PH Grand Piano is a Blüthner manufactured precision engineered piano that is infinitely customisable: virtually all components of the piano can be bespoked to reflect the interior setting of it’s owner. We would be delighted to play the PH Grand Piano for those who are not pianists or demonstrate the self-player system that can be integrated in to the instrument that will play music of your choice directly from a smartphone or computer. There is always a wide selection of PH Grand Pianos on display in our showroom and visitors are most welcome to try out these instruments and appreciate their most incredible sound as well as their appearance.

The PH Grand Piano is available in two sizes, the original PH150 and the larger PH186. If you are looking for a piano to fit in to the smallest of spaces, then you may also be interested to see for yourself the PH Pianette. The PH Pianette is PH’s interpretation of the traditional ‘upright’ piano, which harnesses the essence of the PH Grand Piano design to create an instrument that can easily be accommodated in the most bijou of living spaces.

We know that those who visit our showroom are likely to admire Mid-Century art and furniture, so we would suggest that you may also enjoy a visit to Klassik, a large store selling vintage Mid-Century furniture with an ever-changing stock of original pre-owned pieces or perhaps Secher Fine Art, where you can find the finest selection of original Danish art for sale, including some early Poul Henningsen works (notably vintage PH lamps from the 1930s). Both stores can be found on Bredgade, along with the Design Museum Danmark, where you will also find early versions of the PH Grand Piano and PH Snake Chair from the 1930s on display.

Copenhagen Design House is an essential destination to visit in order to understand and enjoy Poul Henningsen’s PH Furniture and PH Grand Piano designs, which at their heart carry the traditionally Scandinavian design principles of creating functional objects that are also visually arresting, tactile and inspiring. Visit us at our showroom and allow us to be your guide to some of the finest Danish designed furniture and pianos available in the world today.

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