Designer: Poul Henningsen, 1932

PH Snake Stool

Tradition suggests that a stool is expected to have three or four legs, yet with this masterful design, PH has created a stool that is made of just one simple, unbroken spiral of chromed steel. With a base inspired by the shape of a coiled snake, the PH Snake Stool is the definition of both strength and minimalism. The PH Snake Stool is designed in 1932 and each PH Snake Chair is delivered with an individually numbered plate. The PH Snake Stool is available in three different types: with a leather upholstery around the steel tubes or with a leather upholstery and visible steel tubes as well as with a wood seat and the visible steel tubes that highlights the unique design. The leather and wood can be delivered in different colours.

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Product information

Founded In Nature: A piece of art to sit on!

The Snake Stool is a masterpiece. This furniture icon is designed in 1932 and is featuring smooth and fluid lines, unbroken by harsh angles and bent in one piece of steel tube. Inspired by nature, representing freedom and agility, by forging steel into a simple spiral, Poul Henningsen created a stool freed from conventional design.

The stool is completely true to the original design and the use of chromed steel tubes, however updated for the 21st century to be available with wood seating in four-color ways to co-ordinate with the ever-popular Poul Henningsen lighting range of the 3 1/2 – 2 1/2 Table Lamps: red, yellow, green and white.

The Snake Stool is available with leather upholstery in two different presentations: either with fully visible steel tubes where the smooth lines and flowing energy of the tubes are preserved together with comfortable seating or alternatively with almost full coverage of the steel tubes.

The Snake stool is a piece of art and can be used as stand- alone piece of furniture in all settings, whether it’s the office, the lobby area, the bedroom, the kitchen, the entrance hall. Just to make statement!


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