Designer: Poul Henningsen, 1935

PH Pianette

Designed by Poul Henningsen in 1935, the PH Pianette is an upright piano that can be supplied either as an acoustic piano or as a digital piano. Like the PH Grand Piano, the upright acoustic PH Pianette represents the fusion of a high-end musical instrument and a piece of art in a format that suits even the smallest of rooms. The PH Pianette enhances homes or venues with the unmistakable look of a Poul Henningsen piano without the need to accommodate a full grand piano. The PH Pianette can also be supplied as a digital piano, the electronic components concealed within the piano casing so the sleek lines of Poul Henningsen’s steel and leather constructed instrument remain unbroken. Controlled by a smartphone or computer, the digital PH Pianette is perfect for those wishing to benefit from the advantages of a digital piano while enjoying the appearance of Poul Henningsen’s signature piano design. The leather banding on both versions of the PH Pianette can be customised to suit a particular interior setting and each PH Pianette musical instrument is supplied individually numbered.

Price & Delivery

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