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PH Bow Grand Piano

The PH Bow Grand Piano eschews the ‘traditional’ piano design that simply boxes the soundboard, action and strings of the piano inside a harshly angled wooden case. Poul Henningsen’s design for this wooden piano case is visually softer, constructed around a lid of four organic flowing ‘waves’ of timber. The form of the PH Bow Grand Piano is one of gentle curves and subtle geometry. This fluidity of design creates a sense of intimacy with the piano itself: intimidating sharp lines are broken, creating an instrument that is inviting to touch, to play, to listen to. The PH Bow Grand Piano is sized to fit comfortably in many home environments as well as public spaces and performance venues. Presented in a combination of pale and dark veneer, the PH Bow Grand Piano enhances many diverse interior environments whether they are traditional, mid-century or contemporary in style.

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PH Grand Piano

Designed by Poul Henningsen in 1931, the PH Grand Piano still belongs to the future. The PH Grand Piano represents the successful fusion of a high-end musical instrument and a piece of art of the most exquisite realisation. The PH Grand Piano is also an icon of Danish design: early versions of the instrument can be found in the Design Museum in Denmark as well as in a number of notable architectural locations globally. Today, the PH Grand Piano is manufactured by Blüthner in Leipzig and crafted to the same exacting standards as the Blüthner instruments that are found in concert halls worldwide. The PH Grand Piano is both a timeless design and an exceptional musical instrument: an investment in history, music, art and design that is to be enjoyed today and for generations ahead. Customisable to suit every kind of interior setting, the PH Grand Piano can be supplied as an acoustic piano or with self-playing technology as an optional extra feature.

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PH Pianette

Designed by Poul Henningsen in 1935, the PH Pianette is an upright piano that can be supplied either as an acoustic piano or as a digital piano. Like the PH Grand Piano, the upright acoustic PH Pianette represents the fusion of a high-end musical instrument and a piece of art in a format that suits even the smallest of rooms. The PH Pianette enhances homes or venues with the unmistakable look of a Poul Henningsen piano without the need to accommodate a full grand piano. The PH Pianette can also be supplied as a digital piano, the electronic components concealed within the piano casing so the sleek lines of Poul Henningsen’s steel and leather constructed instrument remain unbroken. Controlled by a smartphone or computer, the digital PH Pianette is perfect for those wishing to benefit from the advantages of a digital piano while enjoying the appearance of Poul Henningsen’s signature piano design. The leather banding on both versions of the PH Pianette can be customised to suit a particular interior setting and each PH Pianette musical instrument is supplied individually numbered.