David Syre in front of PH Grand Piano in his studio

Piano Heaven

David Syre (1940 ~) is the creator of artworks that have been exhibited in Santa Fe, Buenos Aires, New York, Nice and Hamburg. In addition to being a prolific artist, who has created a large body of work in the last decade working from his 100 year old farm, David Syre also finds a connection…

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Table setting on the PH Dining Table in black oak veneer with the PH Chair

PH Dining Table: Fine Dining

Many of Poul Henningsen’s furniture designs are based on the concept of curved tubular steel: such iconic Poul Henningsen pieces include the PH Snake Chair and PH Snake Stool, the PH Desk, the PH Lounge Chair, the PH Chair and the PH Pope Chair. Complementary to these is the PH Dining Table, which also features…

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PH Board Tables: Every Idea, Illuminated

Egalitarian beliefs were fundamental to Poul Henningsen (PH) and these ideas underpinned every design that he created. This philosophy can be seen most clearly in PH’s ‘Board Tables’, created to provide the ultimate versatile workspace for the production and execution of ideas.  Poul Henningsen’s Board Tables produced by PH Furniture feature the same legs as…

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ph chair in front of grudge wall with wall mounted ph mirror

The PH Chair: Seriously Good Seating

The Poul Henningsen (PH) designed PH Chair is an example of Scandinavian design at it’s very best. With a framework constructed of just two tubes of curved steel, the PH Chair is minimal, durable and versatile. Perhaps initially inspired by the humble ‘bistro chair’, Poul Henningsen’s PH Chair advances on the concept of a traditional…

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Alice Thompson playing the PH Grand Piano

True Muse, True Music

In this article PH Magazine discusses the PH Grand Piano with Composer, Pianist and PH Pianos Brand Ambassador Alice Thompson: PH Magazine: Alice, you are a contemporary classical composer making solo piano music. Tell us about how you first discovered the Poul Henningsen designed PH Piano… AT: Rather like Søren (CEO, PH Pianos), the first…

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søren vincents svendsen besides the PH Grand Piano in black

Accidentally On Purpose: An Unexpected Love Affair

Behind every start up business is usually an entrepreneur with vision, drive, passion, creativity and emotion. PH Furniture is no different….in a series of interviews we spent some time with PH Furniture’s Founder Søren Vincents Svendsen at the head office on Bredgade in Copenhagen to learn more about his personal and professional journey with Poul…

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The PH Desk with the PH Arm Chair as a workstation

The PH Desk: A Place to call Home

Desks mean different things to different people. For some, they are symbolic: they mean a place to work without distraction. Desks can mean more than that, however, a place of safety, comfort and familiarity, a place to return to after experiences away in an uncertain world. There is a reason why museums celebrating the lives…

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The PH Lounge Chair, PH Pope Chair and more chairs designed by Poul Henningsen

Innovation From The Ground Up

Poul Henningsen (‘PH’) was inspired to create furniture that improved upon all that had gone before him. Using his knowledge as an architect and designer  – and later inspired by the Bauhaus movement in Germany – PH was able to create furniture that is as refreshing to the senses in contemporary times as it was…

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Woman using the PH Cabinet

Poul Henningsen Cabinets: To Have and to Hold

Poul Henningsen (PH), in keeping with Scandinavian design traditions and the Bauhaus influences of the 1930s he would adopt, believed in uncomplicated environments. PH realised that for a home to be truly functional, there must be space for storage. Initially inspired by a commission to create furniture for the apartment of a newly married couple…

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