PH Stories: The PH Piano at the Hotel Ambassadori, Tbilisi

As a supplier of customised fine musical instruments, PH Pianos are always delighted to visit clients following the delivery of their PH Grand Piano as part of the exemplary levels of service provided to PH Grand Piano owners all over the world. In February, PH Pianos Chief Executive Søren Vincents Svendsen was delighted to visit the Hotel Ambassadori in Tbilisi to meet the hotel owners and management team, along with the PH Grand Piano that is now proudly displayed inside the lobby.

The Hotel Ambassadori in Tbilisi is a luxury hotel that promises it’s guests the best in hospitality, fine dining and cultural experience. The Hotel Ambassadori is one of Tbilisi’s most exclusive hotels, with the ability to offer something to delight every guest: from the finest culinary creations of Japanese, Arabic, European and Asian cuisine, to a spa and casino. 

Guests can expect so much more than just an extremely comfortable room or suite for the night: regardless of whether staying as part of a business trip or for leisure, they can be certain to leave the Hotel Ambassadori not just well-rested and rejuvenated, but also inspired.

Great care has been taken to create an interior and atmosphere at the Hotel Ambassadori that is unique, intriguing and almost-magical. At the centre of the hotel now stands the Poul Henningsen designed PH Grand Piano, a sleek jewel that is as beautiful to look at as it is to listen to.

The interior of the Hotel Ambassadori is the perfect fusion of the futuristic and the traditional and the PH Grand Piano is the very embodiment of the well-considered design. The ambience of this hotel perfectly articulates the historical heritage of Georgian Tbilisi and seamlessly converges it with the most contemporary facilities to be found in the finest hotels of the world in the 21st Century, just as the PH Grand Piano is a 1930s Danish design classic that also belongs to the future. The PH Grand Piano is a symbol of the Hotel Ambassadori’s carefully curated modernity.

At the Hotel Ambassadori, the PH Grand Piano is fitted with a self-player system, so even when a pianist is not present, the PH Grand Piano serenades the hotel guests from midday until the evening. 

The PH Grand Piano is an investment in art, design, music and entertainment not just to be enjoyed for the present, but also generations ahead. Each unique PH Grand Piano is manufactured by Blüthner in Leipzig, using the finest materials and the engineering expertise of this esteemed German piano builder. The PH Grand piano is an investment that can be enjoyed in the present yet it is also a tangible asset that will hold value today, tomorrow and for years to come. The PH Grand Piano, a design icon from Denmark first presented in Copenhagen in 1931 is presently finding a place all over the world in the most exclusive hotels, public spaces and private homes – and is now proudly owned by the Hotel Ambassadori in Tbilisi.