PH Board Tables: Every Idea, Illuminated

Egalitarian beliefs were fundamental to Poul Henningsen (PH) and these ideas underpinned every design that he created. This philosophy can be seen most clearly in PH’s ‘Board Tables’, created to provide the ultimate versatile workspace for the production and execution of ideas. 

Poul Henningsen’s Board Tables produced by PH Furniture feature the same legs as the the PH Axe Table, legs that were inspired by the humble axe handle following PH’s visit to Canada. The axe shaped legs give the PH Board Tables a strength that is both physical and metaphorical: this is a table that is designed to inspire and also endure for generations.

In the workplace, the PH Board Table is a versatile design, perfect for holding meetings around, as a place to gather to share ideas and a place to display creations and products. The integrated PH 3 1/2 – 2 1/2  Lamps produced exclusively by Louis Poulsen for PH Furniture for installation on to the PH Board Tables and PH Axe Tables produced by PH Furniture ensure that every idea is perfectly illuminated. 

Every working environment is different and this is accommodated for by the wide range of material options in which the PH Board Tables produced by PH Furniture can be realised. The PH Board Tables can be ordered with the distinctive axe shaped legs in ash, natural oak, black oak or walnut, while the table top can be walnut or white laminate. The integrated lamps produced by Louis Poulsen can be supplied in green, yellow, white or red, ensuring that there is a variation of the PH Board Table to suit every situation, from the most colourful to the monochrome. The PH Board Table is one that by definition will be unique to the environment in which it sits.

The gentle curved lines of the table top reflect Poul Henningsen’s desire to encourage working practices and create environments that were beneficial to every one.  The PH Board Table has no clear ‘head’ and facilitates clear and open discussion, no matter how many people may be seated or standing around it. The smooth edged table top does not have sharp corners or angles; creating a soft, sensuous silhouette that does not dominate a space but rather gently and compellingly draws people towards it. As a table used for display rather than working around, the lack of harsh angles and edges mean this is a table that inspires people to experience it’s tactile surface and the things displayed upon it. The absence of harsh corners means that it can also be used safely in many areas where tables with hard edges would not be appropriate. 

Poul Henningsen had an innate understanding that the concept of ‘versatility’ is very often an essential component of the ‘longevity’, which he saw as fundamental to his creations. In a final masterstroke of design excellence, PH made the PH Board Table a piece the that has the capacity to fold down when not required at it’s full size. When folded, the PH Board Table can be stored away or used as a smaller, more modest display device until it’s full expansiveness is once more needed. 

The PH Board Table is suitable for use in a corporate, retail or home environment, as a place to work, to meet or for presentation. The PH Board Tables were originally designed for ‘warehouse workers’ in the twentieth century; today, they represent something far greater: a table for every use, occasion, for ‘work’, for ‘play’ and for ‘display’. Where contemporary work and living is concerned, the PH Table supports great every idea, illuminated.