Contemporary Classical Composition: The PH Bow Grand Piano at the Sanders Hotel, Copenhagen

The newly opened Sanders Hotel in Copenhagen prides itself on not just the smartest of interiors and the most refined service – but also on providing a hotel environment that evokes an intimate and familiar sense of being ‘home from home’. 


Every room in the Sanders Hotel is decorated to be individual, emphasising it’s boutique feel. Decorated with carefully curated artwork and a short walk away from the Royal Danish Theatre and the parts of Copenhagen steeped in rich history, this is a hotel that feeds the senses with art, architecture and culture. 


The lobby at the Sanders Hotel is referred to as the ‘Living Room’, a phrase that itself conjures imagery of a cosy, welcoming and relaxing home and this is where you will find the Poul Henningsen designed PH Bow Grand Piano. The PH Bow Grand Piano was first created in 1937 and is now carefully produced by PH Pianos to Poul Henningsen’s original specification. The PH Bow Grand Piano is constructed of fluid curves and lines synonymous with classic mid-Century design: it is a piano that appears sensual, approachable and tactile. The organic form of the PH Bow Grand Piano with it’s warm, wooden veneers and it’s even distribution of sound does not dominate the environment in which it sits, but rather quietly invites it’s audience to gather and relax around it.


Traditional comforts paired with the best of contemporary service simply never goes out of style. The Sanders Hotel is positioned to be a modern classic that is not just a hotel that is part of a journey but instead represents a memorable destination. Guests are invited to enjoy the best of informal fine dining, the most entertaining of bars and a rooftop conservatory that brings a sense of the ‘outdoors’ inside, however inclement the weather. The Sanders Hotel was named Hotel of the Year in the 2018 AHEAD Europe awards, an award that celebrates exceptional hospitality design.


The PH Bow Grand Piano gently soundtracks the Sanders Hotel, creating a warm and welcoming ambience, the type that is ‘of the moment’: the magic of a live musical performance is in it’s transience, every moment appears to suspend time. The Sanders Hotel in Copenhagen understands that the experience of every guest will be unique, but nevertheless strives for one thing – and that is that they are all timelessly special and memorable: the PH Bow Grand Piano helps them to achieve that very thing.