Man sitting in PH Lounge Chair in black

The PH Lounge Chair – So Easy!

For when the living is easy. As a believer in Bauhaus design ideology, Poul Henningsen was absolutely clear that the functional performance of his furniture was paramount to the design. Poul Henningsen made no apology for this and in recognition of the importance of leisure as something distinct from ‘working’ and ‘eating’, the PH Lounge…

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Girl in white dress tilts the PH Snake Chair

Dare to touch The Snake!

It is never recommended to touch a real snake, but the PH designed Snake Chair is not your average beast…Poul Henningsen’s Snake Chair is a glorious representation of powerful design. While the Snake Chair won’t harm you, it’s sure to have an impact on your heart: keeping one’s hands away from it’s sensuous fluid lines…

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